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Our programs are designed to address all skill levels and interests. We have programs designed to take children as far as they would like to go with their skills. We focus on the individual skill set of each and every student, while developing a team environment of encouragement and support.

Our class structure is based on age and skill level. So if your child or teen has little or no experience in gymnastics, we will find an age and skill appropriate program for them. We believe strongly that character and confidence is built through a healthy and challenging environment.

Please see our Policies/Rules for payment information and weather closure information.


1 Hour Class (Day Time)

  • Saturdays Excluded

1 Hour Class (Evening)


2 Hour Class (Evening)


Summer Camps

$90and Up

Birthday Party

$300and Up


Crawlin’ Critters (Parent & Child)

Let your little ones crawl into a world of sensory delight, music, bubbles and FUN!  Our activities help develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and of course, lots of smiles and laughter.

All equipment is bright, colorful and safe. This parent participation class offers more than just a great time.  This program introduces basic movement and sensory development.

This program is geared for children ages 6 – 18 months. Class focuses on development of gross motor skills, coordination, balance and basic gymnastic skills.

Classes are 45 minutes in duration

Tumblin’ Tots (Parent & Child)

Our program focuses on gross motor skills and fun games in a safe and fun atmosphere. All equipment is bright, colorful and safe. The parent participation classes offer more than just a great time. This program introduces basic movement education, gymnastic positions and learning to maneuver safely through the gym. Our instructors emphasize social skills, self-confidence, balance, coordination and much more. Under the instruction of our coach, parents will guide their child through a series of gymnastics activities and fun games. Parent and child must remain with the class instructor and group at all times.

This program is geared for children ages 18-36 months. Class focuses on development of gross motor skills, coordination, balance and basic gymnastic skills.

Classes are 45 minutes in duration

Rollin’ Rug Rats (Preschool)

Our program continues to focus on gross motor skills, basic gymnastics drills and concepts in a safe and fun atmosphere. Children will participate in obstacle courses that include Tumbling, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, climbing and more. These pre-schoolers will build confidence and coordination while learning basic “life skills” such as, waiting your turn, getting along with others, and following instructions.

Students must be potty trained and able to remain with our gymnastics instructor at all times.  At this age maturity and ability to focus can vary greatly.  Occasionally we find a child more comfortable with a younger class.  Our staff will work with you to determine the best fit your young gymnast.

Classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Swingin’ Monkeys (5-6 Years)

Gymnastics is a sport where children will continually develop and utilize gross motor skills, however at this age we can begin to focus more on gymnastics skills. Gymnasts will begin to work on basic skills and begin working on drills to harder intermediate skills on Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, Vault and Balance Beam. All skills are taught using our safe, progressive program. Your gymnast will be challenged both physically and mentally through a variety of skill progressions.

Classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Reboundin’ Rascals (7-9 Years)

Perfecting the basic skills are essential for children to progress and continue to learn in the sport of gymnastics. This age group will continue to perfect their basic skills and begin working on more intermediate skills. If the gymnast needs to be challenged more we will start drills for advanced skills. All skills are taught through progressive drills and the use of proper training aids.

Classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Twistin’ Tweens (10 & Up Years)

Gymnasts will now begin the process of putting the separate skills that they have learned together. Gymnasts will begin connecting several skills together to continue progression into more difficult and challenging skills. As always skills are taught using progressions and safety mats.

Classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Flipz for All – Adaptive Gymnastics

This all inclusive program was created to provide a recreational outlet to children with neurological, social and physical disabilities.  This program allows children of all disabilities to participate in the sport of gymnastics.  These classes are structured to help children achieve their specific goals while having fun with others!

To get started please fill out our Assessment Form, by clicking the link below.  Once we receive your information one of our Team members will give you a call to answer any questions you may have.

  ECGC Competitive Team

We follow USA Gymnastics’ Junior Olympic Levels as well as their Xcel Program.

Our Team programs are invite only.  If you are interested in our team programs please call the office to schedule an evaluation.

East Coast Christian Academy is located inside East Coast Gymnastics & Cheer.  We offer academically strong, Christian centered curriculum that is lead by Licensed Teachers, for students in the Kindergarten-5th grades.  Core curriculum along with a variety of resource classes, including sign language, music, art, S.T.E.M.,  gymnastics and ninja warrior obstacle course activities are offered.  In addition to academics, East Coast Christian Academy offers opportunities for community service, as well as social activities for both students and families.

As our Mission,  we believe in inspiring and empowering children to be critical and creative thinkers.  Students’ learning will be personalized, so they can be challenged to strengthen their learning abilities and achieve higher levels of learning based on individual performance.  Students will become independent and collaborative leaders, problem solvers, and community members in a positive learning environment and curriculum that abides by Christian morals to prepare them for the real world and its community.

For our curriculum, we use Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) as our core curriculum.  The A.C.E. program consists of Bible based K-12 curriculum, student programs, and professional based training.  This conventional education program take the student through a spiral of material while introducing new skills in sequence.  Each student will be challenged at their own pace, based on their placement tests.  We hope you will consider East Coast Christian Academy when choosing academic support for your student. Please give us a call to schedule a phone conversation with our Principle or a tour of our facility.

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Cheer Basics & Tumbling

Our Cheer Tumbling classes are designed for Cheerleaders starting at age 8, both boys and girls. Students in these classes will work on various Positions, Jumps and Builds, as well as Beginner to Advanced level tumbling skills. These classes will help to prepare students for Cheerleading in any area, such as All-Star Cheer, School Programs and Recreational programs

All-Star Cheer

Our All-Star Cheer programs are designed for Cheerleaders starting at age 5, both boys and girls.  This program is Competitive and requires an evaluation to be placed on the Team.  For more information please call the Office.


We are excited to now be offering dance classes at E.C.G.C.!!

We are currently offering Ballet and Hip Hop classes for both boys and girls.
As we grow this program we will be adding additional dance forms.

This program is designed to allow everyone a chance to learn how to be a master of their own bodies, how to break down obstacles in your way, and how to overcome them. The program will consist of Parkour classes, as well as obstacle course training classes. Through the study of movement and learning body control students will become better all-around athletes and learn life-long lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and a greater sense of community.

Nobody is perfect, and everybody has room for improvement, we’ll be here to assist everyone at all levels find something they want to improve upon from basic skills to mastery level acrobatics. The only limitation is your own imagination, don’t let the fear of failure hold you back, because without failure there can be no learning. However, with that said our two main focuses are FUN and SAFETY, so everyone will learn how to be safe while they practice having fun and being a kid. Please look through our list of classes and find what will best fit your abilities and desires. If there is something that you would recommend, please don’t hesitate to let us know and maybe we’ll be able to accommodate that in the future, we have a lot on the table just waiting, so keep up with our updates there will be even more fun to be had.

Birthday Parties

Come Celebrate with US!


* Dedicated party host *
* Party room set-up & clean-up *
* Plates, utensils, napkins & table covering *
* Party e-invitations *

*Minimum of 10 Party participants



Campers will Learn New Skills, Make New Friends, and Have FUN!

We love camps! We offer them all summer long, as well as throughout the year.  Camps are open to children ages 3 (potty-trained and able to use the restroom independently) to 16 years old.

Times vary depending on the camp you choose.